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March 3, 2016
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A reality sticom unlike anything else...for better or worse.

All My BJ was a visual spin-off of the eccentric comedy rock band The BJ Experience. Starring BJ, a hapless 20-something going about his rather mundane but odd life while cameras record and get in the way of his otherwise rather run of the mill existence.

Appearing in the show along BJ and Roger where a countless number of friends from the scene at the time, giving sometimes memorable performances; albeit none being professional actors.

The ridiculous nature of the show would later become slightly mainstream via Adult Swim programming but this was before that nonsense. All original episodes and specials can be seen on YouTube or if you pick up one of the DVD's.


    Hot Milk

    BJ's First Date

    The Magic Medicine

    BJ's Second Date


    Cable Theft



    Death Of A Cloud

    Son Of A BJ

    Guatemalan Fruit

    Spyci Party

    Cable Theft

Plus 3 specials.

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