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March 3, 2016
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Formed in 2008 in sunny Miami Beach, FL, EX NORWEGIAN has gone on to become Roger's main songwriting and performing outlet as well as recording - releasing 6 albums in addition to non-LP EP's and singles plus compilation tracks.

babysue proclaimed Ex Norwegian to be "easily one of the best pop bands of the twenty-first century."

The band evolved into a musical collective, featuring several key musicians as well as guest appearances, both live and on record, throughout the years.

Key musicians include(d) Carolina Souto, Arturo Garcia, Guillermo Gonzalez, Michelle Grand, Lucas Queiroz, Giuseppe Rodriguez, Alex Ibanez, Lucia Perez, plus guest musicians Andres Bedoya, Taylor Vega, Adam Perez, Derek Cintron, Miguel Cruz, Nicole Marcus, Eric Hernandez, Fernando Perdomo and Chris Price.


Standby (2009)
Sketch (2011)
House Music (2012)
Crack (2013)
Wasted Lines (2014)
Pure Gold (2015)

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